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INSSVR Intelligence Structure Battery - Short Form R

M. Arendasy, L. F. Hornke & M. Sommer


Measures the level and structure of the intelligence in accordance with the Cattell-Horn-Carroll (CHC) model, on the basis of three ability factors (fluid intelligence, crystallized intelligence, quantitative thinking).
The test provides a quick, global overview of the intelligence level. It is also an economic means of obtaining clarification on specific queries. It is used in Staff & Management Assessments in various occupational fields, in Manufacturing & Safety Assessments and in educational and career counseling for adolescents.

Answers are entered using a multiple-choice format. In the individual subtests the items are sometimes presented adaptively in the form of a power test and sometimes in linear form with a time limit. The three ability factors are assessed by means of the following subtests:

Logical reasoning:

  • Figural inductive reasoning: The ninth field of a 3x3 matrix of symbols must be filled with one of eight possible symbols in accordance with the underlying rules.

Verbal ability:

  • Word meaning: A synonym for a given word must be selected. The test uses a multiple-choice format.

Numerical ability:

  • Arithmetical flexibility: A given equation must be solved by inserting the correct arithmetical operations.

Formas de prueba

S1: Adaptive Form
S2: Linear short form


The following main variables are scored, depending on the test form:

  • Logical reasoning: measure of ability to recognize relations between stimuli, to understand implications and draw logical conclusions.
  • Verbal skills: Extent of vocabulary and the ability to retrieve knowledge from memory for problem solving.
  • Quantitative thinking: The ability to understand and apply mathematical skills and concepts for problem-solving purposes.

Elementos de evaluación

Working time
Confidence interval
Profile analysis
Test protocol
Item analysis protocol
Progress chart
Special diagrammatic representation of results
Personalized Word report
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Tipo de prueba

Intelligence Test Batteries

Información de prueba

language-free item material
parallel test form
conforms to the Rasch-model
additional device required
high level of test security
wide norm spectrum
test form available for online presentation - open mode
links to CogniPlus
supervisor-supported testing




Between 7 and 24 minutes per subtest.
Duration of S1: 55 minutes
Duration of S2: 37 minutes


Norms for ages 16+.

Características especiales

In Form S1 the items are presented adaptively.