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BFMUSK – Neuromuscular Rehabilitation

Aplicaciones posibles

  • floppy paralysis
  • injuries and disorders affecting mobility
  • torticollis
  • radicular headaches
  • incontinence


During rehabilitation the client trains specific muscle groups with the aid of a target graph. The aim is to increase the degree of control over muscle tension and to gradually develop the strength of the muscles involved.

The client tenses and relaxes the particular muscle group at regular intervals while attempting to follow the course of a graph shown on the screen. The graph displayed is based on the client’s readings as measured by the program in the calibration phase.

So that training can be maintained for a longer period, the program calls for only 75% of the maximum reading obtained in the calibration phase. Seven sensitivity settings and four different filters are available. It is thus possible to ensure that the client receives encouraging feedback even if only weak muscle signals are obtained. The contraction phases, the number of repetitions and the pauses can be adjusted individually to make training easier in the initial stages.

principal área de aplicación

  • Pain & psychosomatic symptoms
  • Rehabilitation
  • Sport


  • English
  • French
  • German


10 minutes

Hardware necesario




Consejos práctica

Freedom of movement is possible with POINTs! Exercises carried out in a standing position and additional activities (e.g. throwing and catching a ball) can be incorporated into the training session.