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BFEMG – Electromyography

Aplicaciones posibles

  • cervical syndrome
  • back pain
  • tinnitus
  • EMG relaxation exercises


The client attempts to deliberately relax tense muscles. Either line feedback or threshold training can be used.

For cervical syndrome and back pain readings can be taken from the left and right sides of the back simultaneously. The program displays the readings on the same axis so that the two muscle tensions can be directly compared.

Four different frequency ranges (for slow and fast muscle fibres) and seven different measurement ranges (adjustable amplification) enable optimally adapted training to be provided in any situation.

principal área de aplicación

  • Sport
  • HR
  • Pain & psychosomatic symptoms
  • Rehabilitation


  • English
  • French
  • German


15 minutes

Hardware necesario



Consejos práctica

Use the opportunity for unimpeded movement that the radio modules provide and ask the client to perform movements encountered in everyday activities, e.g. work processes such as lifting heavy loads or working at a computer.