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BFEDA – SCL Relaxation Exercises

Aplicaciones posibles

  • relaxation training
  • stress reduction


With the aid of feedback on skin conductivity the client learns to consciously control the habitual level of arousal and the level of sympathetic nervous system activity.

Internal tension results in increased activity of the sweat glands and hence in a higher skin conductance level (electrodermal activity or EDA). When the arousal level changes, the skin conductance reaction occurs almost immediately (within 0.6 – 6.0 seconds). It is therefore an excellent indicator of the relationship between physical and emotional processes.  

In EDA relaxation exercises you can choose between the following types of feedback:

  • Face:
    When skin conductance falls, the face on the screen smiles.
  • Morphing:
    A transformation occurs – for example, a frog turns into a prince.
  • Depiction for children
    Figures suitable for children (such as a dog or a clown) change their position.
  • Jigsaw puzzle
    Missing pieces are added to a jigsaw puzzle.

principal área de aplicación

  • HR
  • Children
  • Psychotherapy
  • Pain & psychosomatic symptoms


  • English
  • French
  • German


15 minutes

Hardware necesario


MULTI-S2 oder SC-S